Expected Extra Costs

I have to say that I love Plymouth State University and I love my major (Early Childhood Education) but lately I feel like I am just getting bombarded with expenses to be able to stay in the Early Childhood major. One major expense that every education major has to pay is for their Teacher Licensure and Certification (the Praxis). This one test costs $180 and has to be taken at the latest before your junior year. This test is required as a prerequisite to get into some classes and you have to pass it to be able to teach. Another cost (which is new this year) is for fingerprinting and a background check to be able to work at a childcare center, school, or to be in a practicum. This costs just about $50, and this is for the special savings day. For just those 2 additional expenses one student already has to pay $230.

I don't understand why all of these additional costs are added on during the school year. We are all poor college students and don't have the money to pay for all of this! I think that Plymouth State should think ahead and add it into our tuition (or at least give us the option to). I know that I am scrapping for all I have to pay for these expenses, but I have no time to wait. I either scrap for the money or I am going to have a lot of trouble to get into certain classes.

Fivefinger Shoes

I was looking at running shoes the other day and came across this weird looking shoes called the five finger shoes.

Five Finger Shoes

When I first saw them I thought they were ugly and who would ever want to wear those? When I started reading into them I thought they were amazing! They are designed to make you experience the sensation and freedom of going barefoot with the protection and sure-footed grip of a sole.

These shoes are perfect for those who love the outdoors. From yoga to running to sailing and everything in-between these shoes are the best to feel the most freedom! Also, it has been said that these shoes help back pains, posture, balance, agility, and stimulates your feet and lower leg muscles.

To learn more about the five finger shoes head over to the Vibram website.

End of the semester

It's about that time, only 3 weeks of classes and 1 final week and then it's summer time! But right about now is the hardest point because all of your teachers just slam you with projects and papers. It gets very stressful for me and I'm sure every other college student. Here are a few ways on how to not stress that I found in an article entitled Avoiding Stress During Finals Week.

1. Don't study for more than 2 hours at a time.
Take a short break and then continue


2. Before an exam get at least 5 hours of sleep.
Even though 8 hours is recommended
you can get by on just 5 hours.


3. Eat food to gain energy.
This can help you gain
both physical and mental


Stick with these 3 tips and you will do much better on exams!


Who would of thought that one volcano could be so costly. The latest volcano that just hit Iceland, The Eyjafjallajökull volcano, cost over $1.7 billion in losses for airlines. When this volcano erupted it stop all air travel  in and out of the greater part of Europe. Who would think that a volcano could do this much damage! And it is said that it will take weeks to fly all the stranded passengers to where they need to go.


Hopefully everything will be back in order soon that way people won't be stranded. Also, it is said that this is the second time the volcano has erupted within a month.. What will happen if it erupts again? There has already been rising floodwaters, shooting smoke and steam in the air, and melting ice!

CMA Fest

Every year in June Nashville, TN holds a huge 4-day concert event, the CMA Festival. This CMA festival consists of top country names (e.g. Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, and Tim McGraw).  Each day their is 2 different concerts (one during the day and one that night).

Now this concert is a lot different than most because the artists that come to perform receive no profit. Half of the proceeds go to charity's that various artists chose.  Also, the tickets are very reasonable for a 4-day event. Ticket prices range from $120-$320 and no matter where you sit you will be able to see the show!

The artists are around all day and night and there are a lot of meet and greets people can go to! A lot of people get autographs and pictures taken while in the meet and greet! If you are a country fan, this is the ultimate experience there is! I can't wait to go and experience it for the first time!

CMA Festival

New Facebook Group Page

The other day while on facebook I saw on my News Feed that someone just joined a group called F*ck The Boscawen PD. Boscawen, NH is my hometown and seeing this I felt kind of upset for the Boscawen PD because here are some cops just trying to do their job and stop havoc from happening around town and keep its community members safe. Who is stupid enough to create such a group when every single police officer from this town is on facebook and can find it very easily.

Boscawen PD

There are 155 members at the moment and at the beginning when this page was first started people were leaving comments like "I've gotten arrested 4 times, f*ck the Boscawen police!" Obviously you got arrested for a reason, I know the Boscawen police don't just go around arresting people for fun, they need a reason! The one comment that gets me the most is, "I see the Boscawen PD every time I'm in Boscawen.. don't they have anywhere else to be!! come on." The Boscawen PD is supposed to be out patrolling the roads and protecting their town. Where else should they be?

Now there are more people on the group saying keep up the good work directing those comments at the Boscawen PD but the original kids that joined to complain about the police still are complaining about them. Hopefully soon they will realize what the police can access and these people will delete their comments and stop putting comments up about the police, since they are just doing their job.

I don't think people understand that it isn't that hard for a POLICE OFFICER to trace down your name and figure out where you live and if you have a car what your license plate number is so that way if you do even one minor thing wrong they will probably not take it so easy on you!


The other day I was looking at new running sneakers and I came across the Nike+. I've seen them around for a little while now, but I never fully understood what made them so unique. Now after doing some research I see that it can track your distance, calories burned, pace, and amount of time you spent running. 


There are two different types of devices you can use to track all of the above information; a Nike+ enabled iPod with the iPod Sport Kit or a Nike SportBand.

You do need to get special Nike shoes to make sure there is a spot to insert the Sport Kit. The Sport Kit goes in under the Nike+ has a wide variety of shoes to pick through, so each person should be able to find one they love and a price they can love too (ranging from $40-$185)!

Nike+ is doing a good job trying to promote physical exercise and getting people motivated. They even have goals you can set for yourself or challenges you can participate in that include people worldwide.  Hopefully more people will become encouraged to get active!

Hershey's Easter Candy

I never understood why there is certain candies for certain holidays. I understand maybe changing the coloring of the candy or the shapes to make them coincide with the holidays, but why make certain candies only available during those times?

I always get so excited when Valentine's Day is over and all the Easter candy comes out on the shelves. This is the only time out of the year that my absolute very candy is available to purchase in stores, Hershey's candy coated milk chocolate eggs. Hershey's Easter EggsI have tried again and again to find a candy similar to this candy but none compare. I don't understand why these are only available for the Easter season. Hershey's could easily just change the color of the candy coating and make this product available year round.

The only positive about not having this candy year round is that I will stay healthier. In one bag of these Hershey's Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs the nutrition facts are:

Calories: 170   Calories from Fat: 70

Total Fat: 8 g
Saturated Fat: 5 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 5 mg
Sodium: 25 mg
Total Carbohydrate: 27 g
Diertary Fiber: <1 g
Sugars: 25 g
Protein: 2 g

Note: The above nutrition facts  is for one serving, the bag serves about 6 people.

ResNorth Housing

Spring is here and in college that means picking a place to live when returning in the fall! It gives students something to look forward to but can also be nerve racking at the same time since you never know if you'll get into the Res Hall or Apartment of your choice.


Next fall I hope to be able to get a spot in the Langdon Woods suites with 3 of my friends but when I started looking into the ResNorth Housing Selection Process process I realized that students that already live in ResNorth get the choice before other students around the campus to keep their spot or change to another spot that is located in the ResNorth area. I don't see how that is fair. Why do the students that already live there have the upper hand of the draw? I realize that a lot of upperclassmen  live in these areas, but the ranking numbers are based by student's age and credits earned. For the most part that means that they should have a high enough ranking that they would be above underclassman anyways.

I think that the housing process should be just by ranking number. That would give more of a equal chance for everyone to get into the dorms/apartments that they would like to live in.

Facebook Homepage Change

I'm sure everyone that is a facebook user knows about all the changes of the homepage layout recently and probably feel the same way I do. Just as soon as you get very comfortable navigating on your homepage, facebook decides to go and change it all around. I don't like that I didn't get a notification from facebook saying that my homepage was going to change the homepage appearance and that one day when I signed on it was just different.

For those of you who are not familiar with facebook I guess you're probably wondering what the changes are. There used to be a menu bar at the bottom of the page that showed you your applications, notifications, and chat. With the new change the notifications were moved all the way to the top menu bar with a little globe as its symbol. The applications all moved vertically down the left side of the page along with a box that shows you who is online (the chat).  One other major change that occured was the logout button. The logout used to be just up in the top right hand corner, very easy to see and click. Now with the new change, you have to click on a dropdown menu that says account to find the logout button. Also, the mini feed which is just recent status updates, new pictures uploaded, comments on pictures, and conversations between friends is having some technical difficulty recently with the new switch. I have logged in a few times and I have no mini feed and I recieve a message saying "there is no mini feed to show". Then, 2 minutes later when I logged back on it was all there.

I wish that facebook would just choose a layout and stick with it. I'm sure most facebook users would not oppose to that.