Facebook Homepage Change

I'm sure everyone that is a facebook user knows about all the changes of the homepage layout recently and probably feel the same way I do. Just as soon as you get very comfortable navigating on your homepage, facebook decides to go and change it all around. I don't like that I didn't get a notification from facebook saying that my homepage was going to change the homepage appearance and that one day when I signed on it was just different.

For those of you who are not familiar with facebook I guess you're probably wondering what the changes are. There used to be a menu bar at the bottom of the page that showed you your applications, notifications, and chat. With the new change the notifications were moved all the way to the top menu bar with a little globe as its symbol. The applications all moved vertically down the left side of the page along with a box that shows you who is online (the chat).  One other major change that occured was the logout button. The logout used to be just up in the top right hand corner, very easy to see and click. Now with the new change, you have to click on a dropdown menu that says account to find the logout button. Also, the mini feed which is just recent status updates, new pictures uploaded, comments on pictures, and conversations between friends is having some technical difficulty recently with the new switch. I have logged in a few times and I have no mini feed and I recieve a message saying "there is no mini feed to show". Then, 2 minutes later when I logged back on it was all there.

I wish that facebook would just choose a layout and stick with it. I'm sure most facebook users would not oppose to that.