The other day I was looking at new running sneakers and I came across the Nike+. I've seen them around for a little while now, but I never fully understood what made them so unique. Now after doing some research I see that it can track your distance, calories burned, pace, and amount of time you spent running. 


There are two different types of devices you can use to track all of the above information; a Nike+ enabled iPod with the iPod Sport Kit or a Nike SportBand.

You do need to get special Nike shoes to make sure there is a spot to insert the Sport Kit. The Sport Kit goes in under the Nike+ has a wide variety of shoes to pick through, so each person should be able to find one they love and a price they can love too (ranging from $40-$185)!

Nike+ is doing a good job trying to promote physical exercise and getting people motivated. They even have goals you can set for yourself or challenges you can participate in that include people worldwide.  Hopefully more people will become encouraged to get active!

One thought on “Nike+

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I have the sport kit for Nike & iPod and I absolutely love it. Every time I go for a run I pop the tiny insert into my sneakers and crank up my iPod. During your run, you can check your running time, running distance, and running pace just by pushing one button. When you have completed your workout it will tell you your total distance, total time, and total calories burned. The next time that you plug your iPod into your computer for updates you can send your results directly to the Nike sport site and it will give you a summary of all your workout statistics and what has been your best workout overall. You can also customize workouts for the next time that you run and create goals using this program. It's a great investment to make and I would definitely suggest it.


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