New Facebook Group Page

The other day while on facebook I saw on my News Feed that someone just joined a group called F*ck The Boscawen PD. Boscawen, NH is my hometown and seeing this I felt kind of upset for the Boscawen PD because here are some cops just trying to do their job and stop havoc from happening around town and keep its community members safe. Who is stupid enough to create such a group when every single police officer from this town is on facebook and can find it very easily.

Boscawen PD

There are 155 members at the moment and at the beginning when this page was first started people were leaving comments like "I've gotten arrested 4 times, f*ck the Boscawen police!" Obviously you got arrested for a reason, I know the Boscawen police don't just go around arresting people for fun, they need a reason! The one comment that gets me the most is, "I see the Boscawen PD every time I'm in Boscawen.. don't they have anywhere else to be!! come on." The Boscawen PD is supposed to be out patrolling the roads and protecting their town. Where else should they be?

Now there are more people on the group saying keep up the good work directing those comments at the Boscawen PD but the original kids that joined to complain about the police still are complaining about them. Hopefully soon they will realize what the police can access and these people will delete their comments and stop putting comments up about the police, since they are just doing their job.

I don't think people understand that it isn't that hard for a POLICE OFFICER to trace down your name and figure out where you live and if you have a car what your license plate number is so that way if you do even one minor thing wrong they will probably not take it so easy on you!