Expected Extra Costs

I have to say that I love Plymouth State University and I love my major (Early Childhood Education) but lately I feel like I am just getting bombarded with expenses to be able to stay in the Early Childhood major. One major expense that every education major has to pay is for their Teacher Licensure and Certification (the Praxis). This one test costs $180 and has to be taken at the latest before your junior year. This test is required as a prerequisite to get into some classes and you have to pass it to be able to teach. Another cost (which is new this year) is for fingerprinting and a background check to be able to work at a childcare center, school, or to be in a practicum. This costs just about $50, and this is for the special savings day. For just those 2 additional expenses one student already has to pay $230.

I don't understand why all of these additional costs are added on during the school year. We are all poor college students and don't have the money to pay for all of this! I think that Plymouth State should think ahead and add it into our tuition (or at least give us the option to). I know that I am scrapping for all I have to pay for these expenses, but I have no time to wait. I either scrap for the money or I am going to have a lot of trouble to get into certain classes.

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